custom installation of wood flooring inlays

For Unique Floors, Hire a Custom Wood Floor Inlay Installer

Transform the flooring in any home or business

Hardwood floors can be stunning even without any adornment.

Yet, custom wood floor inlays are ideal for adding a little something extra special to your flooring. Hardwood floor borders and inlays allow you to express more of your style and instantly add a high-end look to your flooring and increase the value of your property.

Add unique style to your floors with a variety of designs

One of the most exciting aspects of remodeling a home is splurging on custom-made inlays.

You decide exactly what you want, and we will get it installed on your floor or baseboard. We can incorporate custom inlays, medallions, and other decorative elements into any wood flooring, old or new.

Not only will you enjoy developing your room style, but you’ll also have fun being a part of the process from conception through completion.

And custom inlay installations are a process.

Unlike buying pre-fabricated inventory, custom-built pieces involve many steps. But if you take pride in having a one-of-a-kind mind and room, then each step is part of the fun.

Your Maple Wood Floors II expert will do everything possible to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Why settle for a standard wood floor when you can make it spectacular with an inlay, medallion, border, or other personalized touches?

You’ll add elegance, style, and value to your home or business while giving your floor an exciting custom look!

Examples of our professional custom floor inlays

herringbone inlay


Many customers prefer herringbone inlays because of their ingenious combination of distinctive and classic design elements.

We can use various finishes and or even multiple colors to achieve a personalized aesthetic just for you.

parquet inlay


Inlaid parquet patterns add a unique flooring style to your hallway, kitchen, or any other room or space.

This type of inlay is typically one color, but we can also create it using different kinds of wood or stain colors.

custom medallion in center of wood floor


Would you like to add a signature piece of gorgeous, unexpected style to your home or office floors?

Circular wood floor medallions, which look best when centered in a room or walkway, provide the commercial or residential flooring accent you’ve been looking for. We can install wood medallions during new construction or as part of a remodeling project on existing floors.

corner accent inlay

Corner accents

Designers use inlaid wood corner accents as decorative notches to frame the corners of a room.

You may know corner accents by a different term – such as keystones, quoins, and corbels. They are sometimes referred to as corner guards or corner protectors. We commonly install them in homes, but they also complement other buildings such as schools, hospitals, and museums.

rectangular inlay on living room floor


Inlaid wood floor panels are essentially square or rectangular medallions.

They typically range in size from two to six feet and give rooms a classic look by showcasing a sort of framed artwork underfoot. Designers sometimes use them as a rug-like room decoration to accompany an entryway or exit.

custom inlay

Custom borders

We can create a custom border for any room, whether it’s a home or office that needs a makeover. Using a variety of wood patterns and stains in various colors, we can create borders that will make every room or walkway seem unique.

We can install small or large wood borders in any design you like.

If you have a dream, we can do it

Send us a pencil drawing, image, or detailed description, and our inlaid flooring specialists will evaluate it and provide you with a free estimate.

Once we receive your approval, we will explain wood types, stains, finishes, lead times, and other implementation planning.

Off-the-shelf wood inlays are also available

On a tight budget?

Today’s wood floor manufacturers have created some stunning pre-fabricated inlays that we can install affordably while still producing a visually appealing design. We have many catalogs from various manufacturers that showcase the pre-made options for inlaid wood shapes and patterns.

We want our customers to be confident in their repairs, and we never leave until they are happy with the results.

Get your free estimate for today

Maple Wood Floors II has the tools, knowledge, and experience to design and install stylish inlays that instantly transform your flooring.

Our goal is to provide you with beautiful flooring that is both long-lasting and unique to you.

We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers, and we stand behind all of our work. With every project we complete, we strive for the highest quality.

Ask about our many other hardwood flooring services

Besides inlaid flooring, we also provide complete wood floor installations, refinishing, staining, repairs, full-floor designs, and stair refinishing and resurfacing.

Additionally, ask us about our tile floor installation service.

From upscale businesses to historic homes, we have provided expert hardwood flooring services inside hundreds of properties.

Contact us for a free estimate to get any of these projects started.

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