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Among NJ Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companies, Maple Wood Floors II Flooring Shines

Maple Wood Floors II offers quality dustless hardwood floor refinishing services throughout New Jersey – at competitive rates

We use only high-quality materials and products, and our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process we use to refinish your wood floors.

When should you consider refinishing your hardwood floor?

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Deep scratches or gouges on the surface

This is especially the case if they have worn through the stained surface.

While you can hide minor scratches with a surface concealer or floor rug, more significant cuts can stress the wood and weaken it structurally.

In many cases, we can repair isolated incidences of these injuries, but more severe instances might require us to replace entire boards.

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Graying or turning black

This is a sure sign that the polyurethane is wearing away, which allows your hardwood flooring to absorb water from spilled drinks, tracked-in rain or snow, and so on.

In short order, that gray will turn black, and you will need to replace those boards and restain your floor to create a matching stain and finish.

trenton new jersey floor with water damage

Water damage

If you have boards cupping or darkening from water damage, you will likely see significant separations or blackening.

While we can make floor repairs for minor water damage, substantial damage from water – including pet stains – requires you to replace whole boards or sections quickly.

philadelphia home with fading wood floors

Fading finish

Over time, too much UV exposure from sunlight coming through windows or skylights will fade your flooring’s original beauty.

The good news is that when we refinish and restain your floor, we apply the most modern sunlight protection and stain colors available today.

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Helping people with respiratory problems

Hardwood floor refinishing can seal cracks and gaps that allow dust and dirt to settle. And in hard-to-reach places, opened surfaces can even allow dust mites to gather and breed.

luxury home with glamour wood floor after remodeling

Increasing your home's impression and value

If you enjoy entertaining at home, the beauty of a newly refinished floor can take your home to a new level of beauty and elegance.

In the same way, refinishing your wood floors can help you sell your home for more money by making an excellent first impression on buyers and real estate agents.

We use only a dustless hardwood flooring sanding system

The sanding process is one of the essential steps in hardwood floor refinishing.

Traditional sanding, of course, makes a massive mess with dust landing everywhere!

That’s why we have invested in top-of-the-line dust containment equipment and procedures to produce dustless hardwood floors.

Three levels of dust containment for all of our residential and commercial customers:

Our state-of-the-art vacuum system attaches to a pre-separation drum with double cyclones and multiple hoses.

We connect all our hardwood floor sanding machines – belt sanders, edgers, buffers – to these hoses.

The cyclone attachments have large HEPA filters with belt sanders connected to pre-separators.

These attachments create an air-and-dust vortex that quickly and efficiently sucks away sanding dust into a sealed drum.

This set-up contains at least 97% of the wood dust we make while sanding your floor.

Additional room sealing with plastic sheets

To help prevent any remaining sanding dust from reaching nearby rooms, we can hang plastic sheeting to form a dust-free environment beyond our work area.

We seal all sheeting with gentle-stock painter’s tape so we won’t damage your walls’ paint or wallpaper when we later remove it.

Professional air scrubbing

We draw in dust-filled air from the room and pass it through a series of filters, after which it returns to the room clean and dust-free. It removes any microscopic dust particles that our dustless vacuum system misses.

Why is thorough dust control important during wood floor sanding?

1) Dust makes a mess, of course

After refinishing your floors, you probably don’t want to spend days cleaning up all the dust left behind.

Sanding machines produce fine dust, which gets onto and into everything. And we mean everything.

If you do not contain the dust, you’ll spend weeks cleaning your cabinets, closets, curtains, and ducts.

2) Floor sanding dust is toxic

The first sanding pass removes the old coating of finish.

The majority of finishes are incredibly toxic. If your house is older, who knows what was in the coating applied decades ago?

When dust is not properly mitigated, you, your family, and your pets will breathe in those dangerous substances.

3) Dust contaminates the finish

Even if some dust remains after sanding, it will find its way into the final finish.

While it’s OK for the first few coats, you don’t want that in the final coat we apply. After spending a lot of money restoring your floors, lumps, bumps, and debris are the last things you want to see and feel in the result.

That’s why we take it so seriously. We offer three options to meet your choice of how clean you want your house to be at the end of the project.

What is the process for refinishing a hardwood floor?

Before work begins, we will bring a sample piece of your preferred wood flooring to your home or office.

We will measure it, note its condition, and discuss the best way to refinish it based on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the state of your floor.

We will also ask you to fill out a survey. It helps us determine your needs and helps us shape our recommendations.

Once we understand what result you’d like to achieve, we will start working on your hardwood floor.

The floor can be screened and coated or buffed and waxed if it is in good condition. Sanding and refinishing are the final steps.

There are many types of refinishing, including oiling, water- or oil-based finishes, and waxing. Many like oiled floors to bring out the wood’s natural finish.

A water-based finish can be applied easily, as can recoats. They dry quickly and are non-toxic.

You can also apply more than one coat in one day. In addition, water-based finishes show the grain of the wood more.

Oil-based finishes are more durable than other finishes. Still, they require more drying time (12 hours to 24 hours) between each coat and are toxic during application.

Our refinishing services include:

  • Remove furniture, draperies, wall hangings, and any other moveable items
  • Allow two days to two weeks (for solid wood) for wood to acclimate
  • Patch and repair
  • Wrap and block all doorways with plastic, if included
  • Set up our dust-free system
  • Strip off old stain and finish
  • Buff
  • Edge
  • Scrape
  • Sand
  • Buff again
  • Vacuum
  • Apply stain, if included
  • Seal the flooring
  • Allow drying
  • Return all moveable items to their original positions

A reminder: No two wood floorboards will be identical.

You may notice some color changes as the floor ages. The wood may expand or contract to accommodate seasonal changes in humidity.

You should maintain your wood floors to preserve their appearance.

How long does the entire refinishing process take?

The entire refinishing process usually takes 2-5 days, depending on the size of the job and the condition of the floors.

However, some factors can affect how long it takes, including the age of the home, whether or not there has been water damage, and how humid the environment is.

Why choose Maple Wood Floors II?

Here are just a few good reasons:

  • Family owned and operated business
  • Owner involved in every project
  • Established hardwood floor refinishing contractors
  • Committed to dustless sanding procedures
  • Fully insured and licensed

Contact Maple Wood Floors II today

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