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Our Hardwood Floor Repair Specialists Offer Complete Hardwood Flooring Repair Services

Repairing your hardwood floors allows you to keep your favorite wood floors while remodeling. It also helps make it structurally sound and prevents more costly repairs or replacement later.

Our hardwood floor repair specialists work on homes and businesses throughout New Jersey.

We often find ourselves in older homes and commercial businesses, which often lack proper maintenance over the years, resulting in split, cracked, dented, warped, or cupped planks. Ignored water and moisture damage buckle the flooring.

And, of course, we service new properties to repair gouges, scratches, burns, and other abuses unwittingly imposed on the surface.

If your hardwood floor is damaged, you don’t have to rip it out and replace it – hardwood can last longer than you think if maintained and repaired correctly.

Below are some of the repair services we offer:

Repairing splits, cracks, and holes in hardwood floors

In time, wood floors may develop cracks, splits, holes, or dents on their surface.

Our hardwood repair specialists can easily fix these issues on-site. To fill in the damaged area, we use epoxy-based filler.

We then stain, blend, and match the hardwood color to its existing shade. Following that, we buff and finish with a polyurethane coat based on water or oil.

Repairing gaps in planks

Wood floors expand and contract, which is the most common cause of gaps.

Changes in humidity and temperature can cause this. Over time, a water leak or improper cleaning can lead to gaps between the floorboards.

To treat gaps between your planks, we must determine your home’s humidity and moisture levels.

We then use coarse grit to sand down your floors.

Having sanded the floors once, we fill all the gaps with standard filler. When the filler has dried, we move on to the next step.

We then sand the floors two more times to achieve a flat and seamless surface. As a final step, we stain the floors and apply two coats of polyurethane to finish them.

Repairing cupped hardwood flooring

In a cupped wood floor, the edges of the boards rise while the center of the boards remains flat.

Having more water at the bottom of a plank than at the top can cause cupping. The first step in fixing this problem is to balance your home’s moisture and humidity levels.

We then give your flooring enough time to return to its natural state. After the floor stabilizes, we will sand and refinish it professionally, eliminating the evidence that the floor ever cupped.

Repairing buckled planks

Poor installation of hardwood floors can cause buckling.

However, buckled planks are most often caused by extensive water damage. If water is trapped between the subfloor and planks for a prolonged period, it will drastically move the wood.

If there is no more room for it to move, it will buckle or pop up.

A buckled surface is probably the most complex and most expensive issue to fix.

First, we must remove the damaged floorboards altogether from the subfloor. Next, we need to run a fan over the moist areas for 24 hours or until the floors are completely dry.

When the new floor planks are dry, we will replace the buckled ones with new planks of the same species and grade. After installing the new hardwood planks, we will refinish and sand them.

Repairing damaged floorboards

Although wood floorboards are generally durable, they can still be scratched accidentally.

Many factors can damage hardwood flooring, including pets, water, children, furniture, and more. Although natural wear and tear is inevitable over the years, it does not mean you have to replace the entire floor.

Rest assured that our team of professionals will restore your floorboards to their former glory.

Leave repairs to the professionals

Hardwood floor repairs are not as easy as you think, regardless of what you see on TV.

For those unfamiliar with the task, mistakes can have severe consequences. Damage to your wood floor can reduce its life by more than 50%.

That is why it is crucial to employ a professional team while remodeling. It takes experts to deliver results that will last.

Maple Wood Floors II guarantees professional results with state-of-the-art wood flooring machinery and top-notch technicians.

Our equipment and expertise ensure that we will remove the least amount of material possible from your floor’s surface during the sanding process, increasing your floor’s lifespan.

So contact us today for a free estimate, and let’s get your flooring repaired now.

Ready to start your project? Need other wood flooring repairs? Our team can help!

Whatever repair project you might have in your house – engineered, laminate, reclaimed, vinyl – we can repair it. (We answer service requests for businesses, too.)

We can even repair tile, intricate wooden inset designs and borders, and stairways!

So contact us today and fix up your flooring professionally and affordably./contact/

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