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Our Wood Stair Refinishing Contractors Also Handle Stairway Resurfacing

Don't forget your stairs and railings!

Over time, fading, dents, scratches, gouges, old stains, old gum, junk, and other signs of wear and tear can appear on your staircase flooring and railings.

It can be prohibitively expensive to replace the staircase or parts, making refinishing a much wiser decision. Maple Wood Floors II offers full-service stair refinishing services, such as machine sanding, hand sanding, hand-scraping, staining, finishing, and more, to bring back the natural beauty of your staircase.

Refinish your treads, landings, moldings, risers, railings, and more to bring your staircase back to life!

The benefits of refinishing your staircase include:

  • Saves money vs. a new staircase
  • Keeps your stairs in style with the times or new decor
  • Makes a great first impression in entryways
  • Helps retain or even increase home value
  • Improves life for allergy or asthma sufferers (if stairs are carpeted)

About wood stairs refinishing

We begin by cleaning the areas that need attention.

This includes the treads, risers, and railings. We use a cleaning solution to clean your stairs and ensure they are free of dirt, dust, and other buildups from daily use.

Now your stairs are ready for refinishing. We then begin sanding your stairs using equipment designed specifically for stairs.

This includes hand sanding for those areas that need special attention.

Once we’ve sanded your stairs and are happy with the results, we clean away the sawdust and other debris from the sanding process.

We then clean the stairwell again and apply your choice of stain or sealant.

Staircase handrails and spindles refinishing

For stair rail refinishing, we follow the same process outlined above for cleaning and sanding your stair steps.

However, we sand all risers and spindles by hand using palm sanders. We also hand scrape and sand any areas of your stair rails that need it.

Finally, we apply your choice of stain and sealant and complete the railing’s refinishing process with a protective finish coat or colored stain.

Would you like wood stairway staining?

If you would like us to stain your entire staircase, we can stain your stairs using a color of your choice.

Whether light or dark or a blend of the two, you can choose the color(s) that enhance the look of your home’s interior. Of course, we can help you choose a stain color to best complement your hardwood, tile, or carpeted floors and furniture, walls, and ceilings.

After applying the stain, we will use a finish with the sheen of your choice. We will repeat sanding and finishing a few more times, depending on whether the finish is water- or oil-based.

Finally, we will buff away any extra finish that has collected on surfaces for a smooth and “polished” look.

Optional wood stair resurfacing

Resurfacing is a method of rescreening and recoating stairs without sanding. It offers a way to freshen up staircases in homes or businesses on a lower budget.

This procedure entails etching the existing polyurethane layer and applying a fresh coat (or two) of polyurethane. If your stairway has lost its luster, rescreening will bring it back to life.

This maintenance step is also good to perform every few years to extend the time between sanding and refinishing.

However, resurfacing your stairs is an ineffective or impossible option if:

  • Scratches penetrate the wood
  • You have waxed your stairs
  • You want to change the stain color
  • UV damage is visible when you remove runners or area rugs
  • Your stairs have gray patches, indicating foot-traffic wear down to the wood

We can inspect your stairs and make recommendations based on their condition if you are unsure.

We also perform repair work on hardwood stairs

If your stairs, spindles, or handrails get damaged, maybe by small children or pets, we can fix them by using wood filler, stain, and sealants to make the damaged areas look like the rest of the surface. We will apply two coats of stain or sealant to match the color and sheen of the rest of your stairwell.

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Our services include wood flooring installations, dustless floor refinishing, floor repairs, custom wood floor designs, and inlaid designs and borders. We also offer tile floor installations.

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