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Complete Wood Flooring Services and More

Why choose wood flooring?

There are many reasons why wood flooring is a popular choice for flooring.

Some benefits include:

  • Enhances any room’s décor and adds character to any home or business
  • A natural, renewable resource that is environmentally friendly
  • Durability that can last for decades
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and re-color by staining
  • Improves air quality compared to dust- and allergen-trapping carpeting
  • Adds value to your home in most cases

Choosing the right flooring can be the difference between “ho-hum” and “oh, wow.”

From unique natural grains to various possible patterns, wood adds a “certain something” that no other flooring material can. It is also friendly to bare feet because reflected sunlight warms its surface.

Our services include:

Wood floor installations

When we install wood floors, we leave nothing behind but beautiful flooring that is pleasing to the eyes and comfortable on the feet.

We carefully custom-fit all flooring and install it to maintain a uniform look. Our experienced wood craftsmen use industry-standard installation techniques to ensure your floors are solid and level.

We offer free estimates and expert project planning.

Maple Wood Floors II offers six types of flooring solutions:

Solid wood flooring made 100% from natural wood planks

Composed of pressed layers of wood that form a plank

Pressed wood particles forming half-inch composite sheets

Taken from building walls, beams, or flooring, church pews, more

Rigid backing layer topped by real or faux wood and protective finish

Durable luxury vinyl that looks like hardwood, stone, or ceramic

Hardwood floor refinishing

It takes a specialist to refinish your floors properly, and it begins with preparation.

We thoroughly clean the surface and sideboards to remove dirt, hair, and grime. The sanding process is also crucial for the lock-tight adhesion of the new stain or sealer and for a smooth finish to the floor’s appearance.

We offer three levels of dustless sanding to virtually eliminate all dust and debris in the air and on surfaces. We apply several coats of clear finish to provide long-lasting surface protection.

Once the finish is dry, we buff the top coat to a high-gloss sheen. If you choose to have us apply a clear finish at this stage, we only use the best available products.

Wood floor staining

Many people opt for hardwood floor staining because coloring the wood changes its appearance and can help define architectural features.

Wood staining requires a professional because too little or too much stain can obscure the natural wood grain and ruin the appearance of a floor. Our experts are highly knowledgeable about color and finish product selection.

We can consult with you to match or complement your furniture, walls, doorways, and stairways.

Wood floor repair

Our wood flooring professionals can repair:

  • Cracks, splits, holes
  • Gaps in planks
  • Cupped edges
  • Buckled planks
  • Gouged or heavily worn surfaces

Custom hardwood flooring designs

We excel at making original hardwood designs for new construction or remodeling projects.

Our craftsmen can create almost anything you envision for the flooring in your home or place of business. If you have an idea, we can implement it for you.

We explore various design options and offer suggestions to help make your vision a reality. We also provide an extensive catalog of pre-made designs for assembly.

The most common of all wood floor designs offering simple elegance

90-degree angle cuts, requiring installation by a skilled professional

45-degree angle cuts for a modern interpretation of herringbone

Angled patterns within squares, echoing old-world manors and castles


Combines contrasting wood types and colors for the illusion of depth

Resembles a tile floor, but with the look and feel of wood

Mixed and matched widths to add immediate interest  to horizontal strips

We work with you to design an original pattern out of any wood

Hardwood floor borders

Add a hardwood floor border to your home or commercial property for a one-of-a-kind appearance and unrivaled style.

We have designed and installed wooden floor borders throughout New Jersey for many years.

You can also collaborate with us to design a border highlighting a particular location, making a standard wood floor into an upscale, top-of-the-line specialty floor! In addition to the pattern, you can use our experienced advice to choose the thickness, color, and type of wood.

Of course, you may rely on us to give design thinking as well if you want to let our experience guide the path.

For more affordability, we can either custom handcraft the approved design or use pre-assembled products.

For a free quote on a border accent for your wood floor, contact our flooring specialists today!

An ingenious combination of distinctive and classic design elements

Typically one color, but we can use different kinds of wood or stain colors

Centered for a signature piece of gorgeous, unexpected style

Also known as keystones, quoins, corner guards, or corner protectors

Used as a rug-like room decoration to accompany an entryway or exit

For any room, whether a new home or office or floor remodel

Stair refinishing, staining, and resurfacing

Over time, the appearance of your wood staircase will be diminished by wear, stains, scratches, and so forth.

That includes the steps, the spindles, and the railings.

Refinishing your staircase is cost-effective since a complete replacement can be costly.

Instead of completely replacing your staircase from start to finish, we can sand the staircase and apply a high-quality polyurethane finish. If you prefer, we can stain it to match or complement your floors, furniture, or other décor before finishing.

We use the same methods as used in our wood floor refinishing, staining, and repairs.

Please see our gallery for some examples of our work.

We also offer floor tile installation and repair

Please leave it to our experts to install or repair your tile flooring.

It takes special training and skills to ensure a snug fit every time and a safe surface for walking on after installation. Tile floors require no maintenance other than an occasional damp mopping with a mild detergent and water. Still, proper installation is far more critical than most people realize.

Likewise, tile repair requires special skills and tools.

We can remove and replace cracked and broken tiles and grout and restore the flooring to its original condition. We can also install new grout and caulk if needed.

Available in unglazed (rustic) and glazed (better protection)

Used for old-world ambiance and offers a warmer surface

Popular in kitchens, baths, foyers, hallways – and even stairways

Similar to ceramic, but made from a higher-quality material

Ambitious for floors, more for walls, backsplashes, and countertops

Despite its name, actually formed like brick; rugged and waterproof

tile kitchen backsplash installation


We also install and repair tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and etc. You can see some samples in our gallery.

Call for a free quote for your home or business

Whatever installation or repair service you need for your wood or tile floor, please get in touch with our licensed and fully insured experts today.

We will ensure that you get professional work at an affordable price.

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